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Our Shopify eCommerce Strategy:

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First of all, your dedicated Roswell Studios project manager meets with your team for a full brand discovery session. We map the psychology of your customer and translate the brick and mortar experience to the digital environment. Roswell Studios' expert understanding of best practices creates the blueprint for your new Shopify eCommerce site. We optimize the sitemap and UI / UX (User Interface / User Experience) to lead to the highest sales conversion rates. Roswell Studios' talented designers then generate vibrant on-brand storyboards that bring your Shopify eCommerce site to life.

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Our team uses the sitemap and storyboards to develop your new store from homepage to checkout. Following best practices in mobile responsive design, we ensure that your customers have a seamless buying experience regardless of the device they shop on.

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Prior to the launch of your Shopify eCommerce site, Roswell Studios enables SEO fundamentals throughout each page of the site. We guide you through the copywriting process to maximize your search rank. We install (1) <h1> tag per page, (1) <title> tag per page, an optimized URL structure and relevant <meta> descriptions.  If you are migrating from a previous site, we add 301 redirects to properly connect the old site to the new site. This preserves any pre-existing page ranks Google may have for you.

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Additionally, Roswell Studios assists with product migration into your new Shopify eCommerce site. We add your products, create collections and customer lists. The new shopping experience is not disconnected from your previous site. It feels just as it should be - an upgrade.

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Utilizing the wide variety of Shopify Apps, we develop additional customizations to your Shopify eCommerce site. We deliver the exact functionality and customer experience you want to implement.

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Finally, Roswell Studios integrates your site with third party SAAS platforms via the Shopify API. This enhances your digital marketing capabilities. Whether it is email marketing, retargeting with AdRoll, or enhanced social media marketing platforms, maximizing your revenue is our top priority. Roswell Studios makes sure to provide you with the best platform solutions and flawless integrations.

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Roswell Studios

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Roswell Studios

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Roswell Studios

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