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— June 25, 2012

Good grief, the commenters are stupid. Posts created by Markov Chains based on hate, random spelling, and random hate. One would expect things like “Obama has a falsified birth certificate and it as been proven fallse multiple times, we have a muslim arab running this country…”[his ellipsis] in a political topic. One might expect the people who fail to get The Onion. The account that exists to post random vile statements about the actual person with that name, or the witch doctor ” i also give powerful talisman for protection, impotency, sexual court cases, exam careers, successful business depression and many many more!!!!” really drag down the general level standards, and its not like the general level of standards were that high to begin with. There’s the +, but there is no way to – something. It works, but only as long as you stay in your circles.

Don’t trust witch doctors. Roswell Studios will give you successful business depression using the power of science. Or better, a website!

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