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Open Source: Podcastgen

— September 13, 2012

We needed to create podcast feeds for a client. Rather than code it up, we used Podcastgen. However, we needed to create more than one distinct podcast feed. This is probably not the best idea, but I hacked it to do that. (Another option: just copy all the files to new dir with a basic setup script, then let the setup/ script do its thing.)

In keeping with the GPL, here is the source: podcastgen_multi.tbz. I release any copyright on my changes to the public domain.

It is not the nicest code, and it is not a polished product like Podcastgen. You need to be able to edit setup.php, especially the username and passwords. If you need hints as to what goes in there, look in setup/.

Other handy new feature: it can store podcasts and release them in the future. Set up a cron job to run cron_generate.php.

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