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— March 14, 2018

While working on a Shopify problem (applying a discount code to the highest priced item), I found this page ( There’s a lot of discussion on the page, but the examples repeatedly use line_item.change_line_price(high.variant.price * 0.80, message: "discount").
This is wrong, as line_price is the line item price, not the variant price. It is the initially defined as the quantity * variant.price, though obviously the discount is setting it to whatever you want. You can test this difference by setting the quantity to anything higher than 1.

I tried posting this to that discussion, where it might actually do some good, but either it is too old to accept new entries or my post didn’t get moderated. (or I got logged out while looking at it. I was logged in when I started, but noticed when I went back the next day to look at the link I put in the post that I was not logged in, and the post was not there.)

Here’s the complete code. The editor complains about “Discount code requirements not met (empty cart)”, but seems to work with a full/empty discounted/not cart in the test. Please let me know if you can see why it does that! Given you can only put in the discount code on the checkout page, I don’t see how you can get meet code requirements with an empty cart, anyway.

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