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Brand Strategy in Crisis

— April 15, 2020

Implementing Marketing and Customer Retention Strategies in Reaction to the COVID-19 Pandemic

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It’s challenging to react intelligently in times of uncertainty and vulnerability, and all of us in the e-commerce ecosystem are struggling to find our way. Is this the new normal? As individuals and as companies, we are all making decisions based on uncharted territory.

We wanted to help. At Roswell, we see the success of the brands and merchants we work with as our success, and their difficulties as our own. That’s why we have put together a Customer Retention Strategy Guide for them and for anyone else who might find it useful during this uniquely challenging time.

Brand Strategy in Crisis

A quick view of what’s inside:

  • Listen – This is the time to pay even closer attention to sentiment and engagement among your customers and audiences.
  • React – Immediate steps you can take in response to the crisis.
  • Give Back – Create campaigns that give to your community and that allow them to give in return.
  • Pivot – Adapt to the homebound economy by meeting new needs.

Nurture Loyalty

  • Ways to provide unique content for your community and to enlist the help of your loyalists.

Build For The Future

  • Ideas for opening new avenues of communication and create a framework for future success.

Focus On The Seven Pillars of Customer Retention

• Email and SMS • Loyalty and Rewards • Reviews • Customer Service • Subscriptions • User Generated Content • Affiliate Marketing

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