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MacOS Review 10.11

— October 15, 2015

Expose is much faster. Even the number of windows on my main work desktop don’t slow it down. (although they are still really small.) One nitpick on the new desktop selector: when it expands, the labels move down, but also out. So if you go to click on iTunes but clip “Desktop 3”, the space where the iTunes label was is now Desktop 3. This is...

Package Manager Review: npm and bower

— July 14, 2015

I generally like npm, but I’ve been having a few issues with it. Upgrading node can break things in installed packages, which seems odd for a package manager. I’d hope the packages are not modifying node, but there seems to be some sort of binary dependency. Also odd for a package manger: it doesn’t ever list node or npm versions as a requirement. Ionic’s own code...

Podcast Network Review: The Incomparable

— June 1, 2015

I have already praised The Incomparable podcast itself, but it has a number of loosely related shows. There’s the brand new Robot or Not?, in which the robotness of various things is argued. Mostly it is just massively nerdy. Though not nearly as nerdy as Total Party Kill, in which people play D&D for your amusement. Dice rolls for everyone! I enjoy the concept of Unjustly...

Operating system review: Mac 10.10

— November 5, 2014

Upgrade is pretty painless for a version increase, except: Apache/web sharing doesn’t seem to be on the Sharing panel any more. I may just be imagining that, but I know it was in there someplace. You can still start it manually, but Apache config changed from “Allow from all” to “Require all granted” (“you don’t have permission to view” until you change it.). Probably related to...

Client Side Framework review: Angularjs

— August 22, 2014

After having completed one application, under tight time constraints, so I may have missed things. I did read the entire tutorial and several random 3rd party intro pages before starting. Verdict: does not play well with others. I started with some code that assembled html and inserted it into the dom. That’s not the angular way, I thought, and replaced it with all the cool new...

Podcast Player Review: iTunes 11.2

— July 4, 2014

Much better. There are still random beach-balls (it’s the only app that does that any more), but fewer than there were. Many of the features of List are back/removable, so it is usable. You can ask it to not auto-delete things, individually or at all, so I won’t need to pre-listen to things in another player. The Stations are usable, though the settings are really slow....

Programming Technique: swordfighting

— June 11, 2014

The proper programming technique is like sword fighting: actions should be done economically, flow smoothly, and without thought. This ideal, particularly the last one, is not something one simply decides to do. For sword fighting, it is obvious that you should practice. For programming, practice is not doing it, but reading good code. This is programming in your mind: read a good pattern, form that “shape”...


— April 24, 2014

How ‘DevOps’ is Killing the Developer is entirely wrong. I’m not sure as I should point out a correction, as we make most of our money here, for precisely the reason that people like Jeff Knupp and half of his comments believe it is impossible. We have produced entire applications in less time than that some professional IT departments have taken for minor changes. How? Because...

IDE Review: Netbeans 8

— April 16, 2014

Having learned nothing, I installed the new version of Netbeans next to the last one. There are still issues with with this. By default it ships with a version of svn higher than Mac OS’s. Netbeans offers to upgrade the svn on open projects, which, if done, will block the command line svn from being able to work with the code. There are a few issues...

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