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Angular directives

— August 22, 2016

Rather than the jQuery way, to assign behaviors via selectors: $('input').focus().select() Angular wants to define the behaviors in directives: .directive('autoSelect', function ($timeout) { return { restrict: 'AE', link: function(scope, element, attrs) { $timeout(function(){ element[0].select(); element[0].focus(); },125);//wait out angular putting the text into the field } }; }) then assign those behaviors to dom elements directly: >input type="number" ng-model="bid.price" string-to-number auto-select /< Eventually you too can build...

Rockleigh Review

— August 15, 2016

Most of my pictures came out really blurry, but here’s a rocky stream. There’s a small waterfall and pool further up. Over the course of 2 months, taking a break for a heat wave and when I ripped up my leg picking up trash in a park, I made several trips up there. I met a lot more mountain bikers and aggressive dogs, but the trails...

More overheated ranting

— August 8, 2016

I’m not one to just complain about things. I also have malformed opinions and a willingness to shout them into the void. Here’s what Apple needs to do: 1) adapt the Ubuntu app thing. (not snaps, the bit where if you try to run a program and don’t have it installed, it tells you how to install it.) Apple could, rather than apt-getting from a remote...

Anime Review: summer 2016

— August 1, 2016

Kurumurkoro is on Netflix, seems good. No: OZMAFIA, Hybrid heart, B-PROJECT, Days Bland: momokuri, ReLIFE, Fudanshi Disappointment: Berserk Ashley Cope didn’t like it, so it is dead to me. I am a huge fan of Susumu Hirasawa, who did the music for the other series. Confused: Rewrite. It seems nice, but there seems to be an episode missing between 2 and 3. I might only watch...

Jasmine Hack: $q

— July 22, 2016

Lets say you have a Jasmine test of an asynchronous call with then(). You need to call $rootScope.$digest() in order for the then() to happen. Lets say you are testing the bit that returns that promise. You can’t expect($q.reject).toHaveBeenCalled() because the reject inside your function is not the same thing as $q.reject, which is the only thing spyOn can see. You could fix that by calling...

Anime Review: Spring 2016 Review

— July 15, 2016

Only occasionally watched Luluco, Crane. Usakame was hit or miss. Did not end up watching Kabaneri. May get back to that in the future. BIG ORDER, Twin Star were disappointingly bland. Cerberus was terrible except for Sharisharu. I think the end of Girl Meets Bear is sexist, in which Machi has a break down at an idol contest, returns to the village and becomes a happy...

Make America Groot Again

— July 8, 2016

Trump support from the establishment, according to the Atlantic. I was surprise by the evangelicals, considering Trump’s messy divorces, mob ties, and general New York-ness. George Will is apparently the new voice of the Old Republicans, or as viewed from the other side, purged for not being conservative enough, like Colin Powell before him. Koch Industries is running a hilarious ad about togetherness. If you didn’t...

Angular Core Concepts

— July 1, 2016

Angular2 (or 1.5) for new or old users If you have avoided Angular to date, good news! You won’t have to forget anything. If you know all the differences between services and factories and controllers and directives, good news! Free up those brain cells! This guide is not going to answer all the possible questions about Angular. Rather it is a mindset that I found very...

Overheated Rant: Overwatch, iTunes, upgrading

— June 22, 2016

The upgraded iTunes on the laptop decided on its own to download a copy of every podcast I have in the subscriptions, 25 GB worth, when it started itself up to tell me it couldn’t connect to the Apple Store. Both and the desktop have “Sync podcast subscriptions” checked so ideally it would have noted that I’d listened to almost all of them. (Clockwise: “no Overwatch...

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