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Jasmine Hack: $q

— July 22, 2016

Lets say you have a Jasmine test of an asynchronous call with then(). You need to call $rootScope.$digest() in order for the then() to happen. Lets say you are testing the bit that returns that promise. You can’t expect($q.reject).toHaveBeenCalled() because the reject inside your function is not the same thing as $q.reject, which is the only thing spyOn can see. You could fix that by calling...

Anime Review: Spring 2016 Review

— July 15, 2016

Only occasionally watched Luluco, Crane. Usakame was hit or miss. Did not end up watching Kabaneri. May get back to that in the future. BIG ORDER, Twin Star were disappointingly bland. Cerberus was terrible except for Sharisharu. I think the end of Girl Meets Bear is sexist, in which Machi has a break down at an idol contest, returns to the village and becomes a happy...

Make America Groot Again

— July 8, 2016

Trump support from the establishment, according to the Atlantic. I was surprise by the evangelicals, considering Trump’s messy divorces, mob ties, and general New York-ness. George Will is apparently the new voice of the Old Republicans, or as viewed from the other side, purged for not being conservative enough, like Colin Powell before him. Koch Industries is running a hilarious ad about togetherness. If you didn’t...

Angular Core Concepts

— July 1, 2016

Angular2 (or 1.5) for new or old users If you have avoided Angular to date, good news! You won’t have to forget anything. If you know all the differences between services and factories and controllers and directives, good news! Free up those brain cells! This guide is not going to answer all the possible questions about Angular. Rather it is a mindset that I found very...

Overheated Rant: Overwatch, iTunes, upgrading

— June 22, 2016

The upgraded iTunes on the laptop decided on its own to download a copy of every podcast I have in the subscriptions, 25 GB worth, when it started itself up to tell me it couldn’t connect to the Apple Store. Both and the desktop have “Sync podcast subscriptions” checked so ideally it would have noted that I’d listened to almost all of them. (Clockwise: “no Overwatch...

Currency Review: the Leaf

— June 15, 2016

$666,000, plus vehicles and a boat, all because a dog barked at the guy’s van. I’m not saying he isn’t guilty, but without a trial, or even a real charge, that is some serious overreach. How can he defend himself in a trial if you have all his money? There was an article about how Sweden has stopped using cash, as an anti-crime measure, which does...

City design review: skyways

— June 8, 2016

By the 21st century, it was clear that the enclave had replaced the network as a preoccupation of urban designers. The enclaves are as bad as individual buildings, just larger. When I consider network, city, and skyways, I mean it in more the computer sense. The value of a building (or enclave) is not just in what it is doing inside, but in how well it...

Anime Review: Spring 2016 +

— June 1, 2016

Shana Project: a way to directly inject show lists directly into torrent clients, via rss. My thing saved the links to disk, and you would open them manually or with a watched directory. The RSS seems more convenient, but also only works with a couple of clients. I wanted to see Girl Meets Bear, as it is getting some fan art traction, but I’m happy enough...

Forum Review: Sabai

— May 22, 2016

WordPress Stack Exchange style forum. I’d never heard of it, and the cheap looking website doesn’t seem to have been updated since 2013, and English is clearly not his native language, but it seems quite extensible, the product itself was updated recently, and the author is quite active in the support forum. I was worried that because it was not free, the source would require ioncube...

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