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Forum Review: Sabai

— May 22, 2016

WordPress Stack Exchange style forum. I’d never heard of it, and the cheap looking website doesn’t seem to have been updated since 2013, and English is clearly not his native language, but it seems quite extensible, the product itself was updated recently, and the author is quite active in the support forum. I was worried that because it was not free, the source would require ioncube...

Javascript Review: Angular 2

— May 15, 2016

the j2ee of javascript. So many classes. Very brittle: survey: {{}} produces 100s of lines of stacktraces (there’s the j2ee again) and kills the program if survey is defined in a promise in onInit. survey: {{}} works. Hoped you enjoyed adding “isset($a[‘x’]) &&” in every if($a[‘x’]) in PHP, because it’s back. “TypeError: Cannot set property ‘endSourceSpan’ of null” – unclosed or malformed html in the template....

Anime Review: Spring 2016

— May 1, 2016

Lots of surprising shows. BAKUON!! (aka Moe-tercycles), Flying Witch, and Haifuri are all extremely weird entries in the girls doing cute things genre. The guys doing cute things entries, Sakamoto, Tanaka, are also pretty good. “Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro” is, while not the weirdest DJ related animation out there (“Wave Twisters”), still pretty weird. Re:ZERO is yet another video game world thingy, but is at least novel...

His delegate count! It’s over 9000!

— April 22, 2016

I’ll never understand NY’s continuing thing for the Clintons. Bill Clinton era policies on finance and the poor were both terrible. Bernii-san is still not out, though.

Abridged Review: Copyright and copywrite

— April 15, 2016

While reading up on FUNimation Aims To Crowdfund New English Dub For “Escaflowne”, I just noticed that VEAS and the entire account got removed from Youtube. [Update: say what now? it’s back! Rant anyway!] I probably should have archived that while I had the chance as part of my massive Merle museum. (“I’m back! Why is my face wet?” “I saved you! Oh, and I own...

RIP RonRon

— April 8, 2016

Anime Review: Winter 2016 Review

— April 7, 2016

Turned out very well. Even the show I hate-watched (Grimgar) wasn’t terrible. It had a worthy concept and lovely backgrounds, I just thought everybody in it was irritating. They were pathetic even to the other characters in the show. Dimension W (best unexpected opening dance sequence), Myriad Colors (best scientific intros), Pandora in the Crimson Shell (best Claring) were all pretty good. Erased might have had...

Second hand book SF review

— April 1, 2016

While listening to the 3/12 Incomparable, I noted that Kim Stanley Robinson’s new book is both cranky and uses some of the same concepts as my unpublished and terrible short stories, about a colony ship with a set of different colonies that get dropped off on passing planets, and the core AI eventually returns to report back, but finds the Earth barren so attempts re-colonize the...

Political Article Review: Socialism

— March 21, 2016

First, I wish to point out that despite the continued, inexplicable insistence that Hillary Clinton was won everything, Bernii-san is not out of the race. If your state has not already voted, and your state allow open primaries, or you are possibly a Democrat, your vote would still be counted, much more so than in the general election, where it has almost certainly been gerrymandered into...

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