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Allergy Review

— April 30, 2012

As featured in a recent episode of House, MD (The last few seasons have been pretty bad, but I can leave it on at work. Between the anime and kung fu movies, so much of what I watch has subtitles.) the neti pot sinus irrigation is a great tool for allergy, congestion in general, or coping with suboptimal sinuses. It is not homeopathy, and while yoga practitioners may make all kinds of claims about it, the one thing I claim it does you can see for yourself. The relief is immediate and mechanical. You start out with a head full of mucus, and end up with sink full of mucus and sinuses so empty you could stick a ferret in. You should avoid using Louisiana’s amoeba water, which has been linked to fatalities. If you have any unpleasant feeling as the water goes up there, you have the wrong temperature or salinity. If you are concerned about the cost or side-effects of drugs, or a surgery that is mostly ineffective, give this a try.

I don’t have a Roswell Studios tie-in (it helps wash out alien nasal implants?), but I just wanted to share one simple trick that has worked for me.

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