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139 Fulton Street, Ste 132
New York, NY 10038


We are sci-fi nerds, we do web sites and mobile apps, and specialize in sites requiring above average amounts of technology. Drop by our office in the Financial district, on top of the Fulton Street subway.

We are developers that love to make things…work.


Jesse LeeDesigner / Front-end Developer


Hugh LimDeveloper / Project Manager


Patrick PhelanDeveloper / Server Administrator



In these tough economic times, even shadowy government organizations have to down-size. Even Area-51 had to shed some staff. Turns out, there isn’t much work for somebody with only “Man in Black, 1997-2010 [Redacted]” on his resume. So it is either peddle alien technology to the Soviets, or do web site development until “Xenobiological Control Agent” becomes a viable occupation in 2018. So unless we fire up the time machine (yes, we have a spare from John Titor), we’ll be offering you high tech web sites.

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