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Anime Review: Summer 2015 Review

— October 1, 2015

Pretty good season. Even the series I haven’t watched in months are still in the queue. I don’t hate them. I just haven’t gotten to them. I’ve enjoyed School-Live!’s torment, the pizza sauce moment in Charlotte. Gatchaman Insight turned out pretty deep for a “ninja science team”. The 2 monster girl harem shows, or 3 if you count UMR as a hamster-girl, weren’t terrible. GATE, Crisis...

TV Review: Longmire, Blacklist, LSSC

— September 15, 2015

Supposedly we are living a golden age of scripted TV, combined with an increasingly fragmented TV landscape and increasingly unpleasant advertisements. As such, I admit that I probably have not seen a lot of American TV. Rather than watch the shows as they are released weekly (if they even are), I plan on watching things that stand the test of time, after enough time has passed...

Mountain Review: Ramapo

— September 1, 2015

To complement my trip to the beach (no pictures, don’t be creepy), I went to Ramapo mountain. It has the advantage of having a road up it, given that I still can’t climb even the 2 flights of stairs to my appt without feeling it. I did the Castle Point Trail, saw the Foxcroft ruins (and some other non-ruined building, not sure how you’d get up...

Extreme Selfie: my skeleton

— August 15, 2015

I got a hold of my scan results and a program that takes the slices and makes 3d models out of it. I have movies of the slices, and models with and without skin. The app can also isolate individual organs and program fly-throughs, but I didn’t master that. I also didn’t see how to combine the pet scan with its related cat scan. I did...

Anime Review: Summer 2015

— August 1, 2015

A lot of enjoyable things this time. Do not read anything about SCHOOL-LIVE!. Just watch it all the way through. It will be tempting to say it is boring and skip it, and are they not paying any attention to some of the details, but just watch it. The bad news: Hulu has worked its way up to 3 sets of 180 second ad blocks, plus...

Nerd Talk: Robot or Not, the Major

— July 25, 2015

I would like to chime in on this week’s Robot or Not Podcast, in which the Major, Motoko Kusanagi, is judged Not A Robot on the grounds that she is clearly a cyborg with a human brain. It’s the opening credits in the movie, so no spoiler there. However, and this is spoilery, especially as Jason may or may not have seen even the rest of...

Package Manager Review: npm and bower

— July 14, 2015

I generally like npm, but I’ve been having a few issues with it. Upgrading node can break things in installed packages, which seems odd for a package manager. I’d hope the packages are not modifying node, but there seems to be some sort of binary dependency. Also odd for a package manger: it doesn’t ever list node or npm versions as a requirement. Ionic’s own code...

Anime Review: Spring 2015 Review

— July 1, 2015

Season’s winners include ETOTAMA, which has the quirky 3D pretty mode, and the odd and fast paced Blood Blockade Battlefront, which manages to have a rich, detailed world without beating every last detail to death. I enjoyed MY love STORY!!, although I’m not sure who the audience is supposed to be. It’s more of a comedy than a romance, and thankfully ignores the commonplace romance tropes....

Podcast Network Review: The Incomparable

— June 1, 2015

I have already praised The Incomparable podcast itself, but it has a number of loosely related shows. There’s the brand new Robot or Not?, in which the robotness of various things is argued. Mostly it is just massively nerdy. Though not nearly as nerdy as Total Party Kill, in which people play D&D for your amusement. Dice rolls for everyone! I enjoy the concept of Unjustly...

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