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Disease Review: the flu

— December 15, 2014

As diseases go, I’d give this one high marks in that it left my sinuses alone. I just passed out in the morning and spent all day in an NPR-induced hallucinatory state, unable to move. The primary downside is the puddles of sweat. I had to turn the heat on for the first time in years because I couldn’t tell if it was the chills, sweat,...

Webcomics Review: 2014 roundup

— December 1, 2014

The recent The Incomparable on webcomics failed to mention the best webcomic, by which I mean Unsounded. Rest assured I was on the internet within minutes registering my disgust throughout the world. As a loyal listener, I feel they owe me. My comic reading is complicated. I have a script I run daily that gives me a list of links for that day. One of those...

Are these your sunglasses?

— November 20, 2014

Lost and found.

Podcast Review: Random Trek

— November 15, 2014

Each week, Scott McNulty and a non-random guest watch a random episode of Star Trek. Mostly this involves pointing out the many, many flaws in the episode, but because they are fans, the love comes through. I usually think “Yeah, I remember that one. It was pretty good.” Unless it’s Enterprise, because that’s just bad. Scott is notable for his appearances on The Incomparable in which...

Operating system review: Mac 10.10

— November 5, 2014

Upgrade is pretty painless for a version increase, except: Apache/web sharing doesn’t seem to be on the Sharing panel any more. I may just be imagining that, but I know it was in there someplace. You can still start it manually, but Apache config changed from “Allow from all” to “Require all granted” (“you don’t have permission to view” until you change it.). Probably related to...

Anime Review: Fall 2014

— October 16, 2014

Readers may recall my bias towards all things foxy, but Gugure! Kokkuri-san is the best full show. Celestial Method also contains a fox, but isn’t as good. Leading the “doesn’t have a fox” list is “Parasyte -the maxim-“, nearly uncensored and with the cutest parasite ever. “I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying” is very funny, but short. These seemed decent: In search of the...

Anime Review: Summer 2014 Review

— October 2, 2014

A lot of disappointment. SAO3 takes after 2, much angst and sets up female characters, then makes them useless, while idolizing for no particular reason Kirito, who is now as girly as possible. Ghoul is super-angsty, heavily censored, useless. Invaders, DRAMA sank into meh? territory. Watching Concerto only occasionally. Barakamon, Terror, Rurumo, Akame ga Kill are watchable, but proved slow. AgK at least has higher highs,...

State Park Review: Harriman

— September 15, 2014

I biked up and went in the side, did the entire Pine Meadow Trail. Very rocky trails, so pushing the bike around in the park was a pain. Also a lot of vertical trails. And there is no way out via surface streets to the south west. Bike travel to the south is not recommended. You can take 9W up and cut over, and bike the...

Client Side Framework review: Angularjs

— August 22, 2014

After having completed one application, under tight time constraints, so I may have missed things. I did read the entire tutorial and several random 3rd party intro pages before starting. Verdict: does not play well with others. I started with some code that assembled html and inserted it into the dom. That’s not the angular way, I thought, and replaced it with all the cool new...

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