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Hypothetical Star Trek Series (p)review

— November 22, 2015

So CBS announced a new Star Trek series to attract viewers to their streaming service. I suspect it is doomed to failure, in that there is little overlap between people paying for CBS’s streaming (as expensive as HBO Go or Netflix, but with little content), and nerds (who have access to bittorrent). However, there was discussion on The Incomparable about what the series could contain. My...

Political Theater Review

— November 15, 2015

This recent piece by Matt Taibbi on political journalism and this article on family wealth in The Baffler provide unexpected context for each other. Given the political media’s eagerness to promote someone who is “a morally flexible gasbag to get over with the money people, and then also charming enough on some politically irrelevant level to attract voters”, and near total inability to follow-up on anything,...

Anime Review: Fall 2015

— November 1, 2015

Not a whole lot that seemed too impressive in their first few episodes. I would at least applaud a couple of shows for doing something different (Peeping Life, Mr. Osomatsu, KAGEWANI, The Perfect Insider), then castigate some shows for doing things exactly the same (Lance N’ Masques, The Asterisk War, Comet Lucifer, Komori-san Can’t Decline! (bonus points for being really tall), Anti-Magic Academy, Concrete Revolutio (didn’t...

Code: password_verify + Zend Framework 1

— October 22, 2015

Let’s just say you have a Zend Framework project, and you never bothered to update to ZF2 because you spent a lot of time adapting to the ZF1 weirdness, and have a nice system going. But now you want to drop the MD5 style passwords some of your projects may still be using. The solution is a custom Zend_Auth_Adapter_Interface. Here is an example: class AuthHashVerify implements...

MacOS Review 10.11

— October 15, 2015

Expose is much faster. Even the number of windows on my main work desktop don’t slow it down. (although they are still really small.) One nitpick on the new desktop selector: when it expands, the labels move down, but also out. So if you go to click on iTunes but clip “Desktop 3”, the space where the iTunes label was is now Desktop 3. This is...

Candidate Review: Bernie Sanders

— October 8, 2015

I’m the last person to complain about somebody else’s messy hair, so I probably shouldn’t bring it up, but I think it is emblematic: in an era where a candidate is created by a team of focus groups, think tanks, and stylists, Bernie Sanders appears to be wearing that suit because it was the next one up in his closet. He has that opinion because it...

Candidate Review: Hillary Clinton

— October 8, 2015

I’m not sure I get Hillary Clinton. I’m still amazed that she became a senator from New York. This, and the apparent anointing as Democratic nominee, are just backroom deals made with certain key groups are exactly the Washington system in action that people are sick of. Hillary could stand for anything, or nothing, and it still would have happened. I’m pretty sure she’ll stand for...

Anime Review: Summer 2015 Review

— October 1, 2015

Pretty good season. Even the series I haven’t watched in months are still in the queue. I don’t hate them. I just haven’t gotten to them. I’ve enjoyed School-Live!’s torment, the pizza sauce moment in Charlotte. Gatchaman Insight turned out pretty deep for a “ninja science team”. The 2 monster girl harem shows, or 3 if you count UMR as a hamster-girl, weren’t terrible. GATE, Crisis...

TV Review: Longmire, Blacklist, LSSC

— September 15, 2015

Supposedly we are living a golden age of scripted TV, combined with an increasingly fragmented TV landscape and increasingly unpleasant advertisements. As such, I admit that I probably have not seen a lot of American TV. Rather than watch the shows as they are released weekly (if they even are), I plan on watching things that stand the test of time, after enough time has passed...

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