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Anime Review: Spring 2014 Review

— July 14, 2014

Some really good shows. “The World is still Beautiful” gained massive points for being one of the few anime love stories that doesn’t make me want to punch the protagonists. “Brynhildr in the Darkness” didn’t end, or achieve Elfen Lied (same author) levels of mega-torment, and its big mystery is pretty obvious to anybody whose brain hasn’t melted into goo. “Blade and Soul” never gets really...

Podcast Player Review: iTunes 11.2

— July 4, 2014

Much better. There are still random beach-balls (it’s the only app that does that any more), but fewer than there were. Many of the features of List are back/removable, so it is usable. You can ask it to not auto-delete things, individually or at all, so I won’t need to pre-listen to things in another player. The Stations are usable, though the settings are really slow....

Programming Technique: swordfighting

— June 11, 2014

The proper programming technique is like sword fighting: actions should be done economically, flow smoothly, and without thought. This ideal, particularly the last one, is not something one simply decides to do. For sword fighting, it is obvious that you should practice. For programming, practice is not doing it, but reading good code. This is programming in your mind: read a good pattern, form that “shape”...

Proposal: Wasteful government spending

— May 14, 2014

That’s a picture of the A-10. It’s a ground support aircraft. The Air Force hates it and try to get it canceled every couple of years because it is low and slow lacks the sex appeal of jets, plus it gets shot up a lot. Pilots, engineers, and fans of the nerd side of military technology love it because can get shot up a lot and...


— April 24, 2014

How ‘DevOps’ is Killing the Developer is entirely wrong. I’m not sure as I should point out a correction, as we make most of our money here, for precisely the reason that people like Jeff Knupp and half of his comments believe it is impossible. We have produced entire applications in less time than that some professional IT departments have taken for minor changes. How? Because...

IDE Review: Netbeans 8

— April 16, 2014

Having learned nothing, I installed the new version of Netbeans next to the last one. There are still issues with with this. By default it ships with a version of svn higher than Mac OS’s. Netbeans offers to upgrade the svn on open projects, which, if done, will block the command line svn from being able to work with the code. There are a few issues...

Anime Review: Winter 2014 Review

— April 3, 2014

Pretty good, though a few rough spots. Wizard Barristers apparently blew the animation budget on the first episode and the CGI. Episode 11 absolutely should not have been released. I can only hope that was some sort of version issue, that they sent the beta to the TV station. Log Horizon devolved into endless meetings, parties, meetings after the parties, meeting while avoiding other meetings. Also...

Podcast Player Review: downgrade

— March 17, 2014

My cell phone is on my sister’s family plan, because I couldn’t be bothered to get one, so I got her old one. I just got the free iPhone 4S upgrade, but saving my podcasts generated errors. iTunes/Music doesn’t do that any more. Which would be fine, except that the Apple Podcasts app is widely panned as being unusable. I don’t want to find out that...

Image Editor Review: Pixelmator

— March 10, 2014

cheap, very capable, occasionally irritating. Sample “art”: GIMP suddenly started taking every keyboard event with the toolbar, leaving me unable to enter a file name while saving. Reinstalling that version didn’t help, so I went looking for other tools. Aside from Photoshop, Pixelmator is the nicest, but has some of the same issues I had with GIMP. My graphics work is fixing web images (clearly not...

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